Under The Influence

Group exhibition, Floor 5 ½, Hong Kong, 6-22 Mar 2015

The exhibition Under the Influence explores the idea of “play" in the age of postproduction. By looking into how images, objects or space can be manipulated to recreate new situations, the exhibition attempts to evolve as a site for production - situating the art, the material and the viewer all in one place. 

Subsequently, images, objects and the world operates along a kind of circulation. Language is constructed. Image is fragmented. Object is consumed. As the title implies a consequential social responsibility, one ought to interrogate all things under the influence, from common banalities, consumable objects and spaces, to interpreted politics and economies. 

"Reality itself is postproduced and scripted, affect rendered as after effect. Far from being opposites across an unbridgeable chasm, image and world are in many cases just versions of each other.” - Hito Steyerl

By focusing on shared experiences as material to experiment, artists have demonstrated various degrees of ignorance to the function of their chosen materials in order to reveal the underlying absurdity of things. Imagine a DJ eyes closed, mixing on frenzy with an overwhelming selection of vinyl records or digital music files at his/her fingertips. No matter if the floor is empty or full, the stage is set, and the mixing board is ready to unravel a new piece of music. 

Through various processes in realizing the works, the exhibition hopes to activate a new relationship with all things familiar. Instead of criticizing and analyzing, through playful rearrangement / postproduction, one may arrive at a new point-of-view. Sometimes a joke is a way to understand a serious issue; the same way a detour becomes the best tour.

Artists:  Saejin x Esther CHOI, Dylan DEROSE, Gabriel LEUNG, MAK Ying Tung, Trevor YEUNG

Leave No Trace , pen and ink on plastic cone, 280x280x750mm, 2015

Leave No Trace, pen and ink on plastic cone, 280x280x750mm, 2015

Connecting the Dots, laser pointers, variable dimensions, 2015

Installation view and works by participating artists below: